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Midnight Passenger album release show with Corduroy Season and Nights

Midnight Passenger album-release show tonight at Mahall’s, with Corduroy Season and Nights.

Midnight Passenger, Nights, Corduroy Season
Midnight Passenger, Nights, Corduroy Season

The new Midnight Passenger album, Calypso, was recorded over the past year by Jim Stewart at Lava Room, Whiteout Audio and Jim Stewart Studios. “Jim sent us some tunes and we were blown away.” said Justin Markert of Cellar Door Records. “Midnight Passenger have a unique electric energy on stage that forces you to pay attention. Masters of their craft, they’re not afraid to explore new territory, climb to greater heights and take the listener with them. We couldn’t be more excited about this record.” Midnight Passenger is an Alternative/Indie Rock band from Cleveland, Ohio, consisting of Tony Zaro (lead vocals), Dan Metyk (lead guitar, backing vocals), Ricky Zaborowski (bass guitar, backing vocals), Jim Janek (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), and Shane Zigler (drums). Calypso also features guest appearances from Sam Getz (Welshly Arms), Vinny DiFranco (Ohio Sky) and Jenna Fournier (Nights).

Midnight Passenger Calyposo
Midnight Passenger Calyposo

NIGHTS is the amalgamation of four strong musicians and songwriters with diverse musical backgrounds. Their songs, sound, grooves, and melodies are composed to rock, soothe, excite, entangle, and envelop listeners in a variegated aural experience. NIGHTS’ sound is amorphous yet distinct, wide in scope, influence, and imagination.
Fronting NIGHTS, Jenna Fournier, lead vocalist and rhythm guitar, writes the majority of NIGHTS’ lyrical content and composes the skeletal song structures. Jenna joined NIGHTS New Years Day of 2010 at the invitation from Francesco Maraldo, sonic sculptor, guitarist, and unapologetic rocker. Francesco contributes to lyrics, arrangements and instrumentation, and manipulates the sounds that paint the starry-sky over the rhythmic foundation NIGHTS stands on. Together they joined Chris Dalman, classically trained percussionist, sound engineer, and accomplished athlete (both behind the kit and apart from). After a search for the final piece, Vincenzo Mauer stepped into the sonic foray. Aside from being NIGHTS bassist and Donatello, he is an accomplished sound sculptor, and often the witty comic relief that fuses together a multi-headed, musical, mythological monster that stomps out tumultuous rock rhythms, breathes sinuous sonic-scapes, and hums mellifluous melodies.
NIGHTS released their first EP, A Tangle of Arms, in 2010. After a year in the studio recording the follow-up, they decided to scrap the entire thing and start over, unsatisfied with the quality. They switched studios and engineers and finally released their debut ‘whisper’ in 2013. Shortly after, they landed a deal with an indie label in Japan, 2670 Records. Whisper was officially released in Japan via Tower Records on September 18, 2013.

Corduroy Season features Ron Kenzig (Drums, Vocals), Scott Larson (Guitar, Vocals); Jason Libal (Guitar), Zach Panek (Bass, Vocals) and Matt Sweeney (Keys)


Restless Habs and False Flag at The Five O’Clock Lounge

Restless Habs and False Flag will perform at The 5 O’Clock Lounge in Lakewood, Ohio on Saturday, March 28, 2015.

The post punk label has been hung on False Flag without due process. False Flag more accurately describe themselves as “Post Modern” in a literal way. False Flag plays an intentionally short set of frantic yet often danceable art damage addressing the bottle neck and pending collapse facing humanity with loud guitar muscles, melodic bass lines and tense percussion. Without introduction, stage banter or pause, False Flag rips though an overtly despondent lament with the precision of a platoon of seasoned guerrilla fighters.

Restless Habs was originally formed by Ken Blaze (The Unknown, K-ration), Peter Woodward (The Unknown, Sidecar, Dreyfus), and Noah Smit (Mustion, ON), after years of talking about playing together. A trip to a Big Drill Car reunion show was the final spark the three needed to get the project off the ground (hence the name). The goal was to write some songs and figure out the rest of it later.

Doors open at 9:00 PM

Restless Habs and False Flag at The Five O'Clock Lounge in Lakewood, Ohio
Restless Habs and False Flag at The Five O’Clock Lounge in Lakewood, Ohio

No Way To Hide Your Tracks by Restless Habs

The Restless Habs have been playing their style of Rust Belt power punk for over five years and show no signs of taking it easy. Peter Woodward (vocals, guitar), Ken Blaze (vocals, bass) and Tim Babcock (drums) are a seasoned crew that took their years of band experience and constructed a bulletproof sonic machine. “No Way To Hide Your Tracks,” their fourth self-produced EP release, is a relentless dose of Midwest / Great Lakes rock, with hook-laden power chords and high energy that doesn’t let up.

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ITEM Interview

itemYou want a quote for your press sheet ITEM?

“You don’t suck, a lot.”
-Eric Voxcaster
Blown Speakers

You’re welcome.

Lakewood, Oh
Upcoming Shows:
April 2nd. Mahalls. w/ Teddy Boys

ITEM Interview

Each interview will include a special curated playlist brought to you by the artist being interviewed. For the first one, we are going to do it as a youtube playlist. If you’d like to see it in a different format please drop me a line DRONECORE at GMAIL dot COM.

ITEM Playlist


Lead image of ITEM by Mckinzee Velasco.