The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Can Reeve Carney save Rocky Horror?

I fear, along with many of you, that the Fox presentation of Rocky Horror will be horrible. Maybe as horrible as their attempt at Grease. But I just can’t wait to see Reeve Carney as Riff Raff. His part in this gives me hope.

I first saw Reeve Carney live in 2004 at the Cleveland House Of Blues. As usual, he was joined by his brother Zane on guitar, and his sister Paris came out for the occasional backing vocal.

They were so young, so talented. I was instantly intrigued. I wasn’t yet a concert photographer, but you can bet I won’t miss another opportunity to capture these artists.

I bought Live at Molly Malone’s as soon as it was released, and it stayed on heavy rotation the minute it arrived. A welcome addition, it swam among my record collection and saw me through many a busy workday.

Among his acting credits, Reeve plays the charismatic, immortal Dorian Gray in Showtime’s Penny Dreadful; Peter Parker/Spider-Man for three years in Broadway’s Turn Off the Dark; and Taylor Swift’s irresistible bad boy Romeo in her I Knew You Were Trouble video.

With Thursday October 20th rapidly approaching, we’ll soon find out how Fox’s cast pulls off this beloved cult classic. Will audiences finally accept a woman as everybody’s favorite sweet transvestite? Can Adam Lambert top Meatloaf? I’m looking forward to seeing what Ivy Levan brings. Surely Ben Vereen won’t muck it up. And finally we’ll find out whether all the makeup and hair extensions in the world can make Reeve Carney even the slightest bit unappealing. Will it all be enough to save this production from bastardization? Watch for yourself and let us know what you think.