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Dodgy Drops New Single: You Give Drugs A Bad Name

By the time I received my education in the ways of Dodgy — thanks to a like-minded (and incredibly handsome) graphic artist I created healthcare materials with in 2005 — the band had already called it quits. After being sufficiently chastised for never having heard of them, I  promptly was sent home with a copy of Ace A’s + Killer B’s.

Hooked from track one, I relished its pop goodness all the way home. That night I purchased 32 tracks of live BBC sessions from So Far On Three Wheels, including performances from Leeds, Glastonbury and more.

Every single track has lived on my iPod ever since, and whenever a song pops up on shuffle, it always makes my day.

So when Dodgy reunited a couple years ago, I was thrilled — anticipating how the new stuff would sound.

A rather boring Live album in 2013 left me wondering whether the band would be able to recapture my heart like they had done so easily before.

Then this morning I got a notification that Dodgy just dropped a new single: You Give Drugs A Bad Name. It’s track one from the What Are We Fighting For album due September 2. Nervously, I opened Spotify to give it a listen. What I heard has me very excited to hear the rest of the album.

If you’re a fan of ’90s Britpop, Dodgy or otherwise, and like a psychedelic edge or Wizard Of Oz-inspired lyrics, check it out here.