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No Way To Hide Your Tracks by Restless Habs

The Restless Habs have been playing their style of Rust Belt power punk for over five years and show no signs of taking it easy. Peter Woodward (vocals, guitar), Ken Blaze (vocals, bass) and Tim Babcock (drums) are a seasoned crew that took their years of band experience and constructed a bulletproof sonic machine. “No Way To Hide Your Tracks,” their fourth self-produced EP release, is a relentless dose of Midwest / Great Lakes rock, with hook-laden power chords and high energy that doesn’t let up.

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Sleeping in a Spell by Shawn and Shelby

For the past six years, Shawn Brewster and Shelby Sangdahl have been leading a strong path through Cleveland’s music scene in the rock ‘n’ roll folk band Oldboy. With their new EP release “Sleeping in a Spell” Shawn and Shelby create an intimate and rustic invitation to honest and talented songwriting. Stripped away the electronics and percussion of their rock-oriented project, the back-to-basics approach of their hometown folk roots is stronger than any amplifier.

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Tecuciztecatl by His Name Is Alive

Photo by Mara Robinson.

The new His Name Is Alive album Tecuciztecatl “is a rock opera depicting an epic struggle between identical twins, reflective in nature, and mirrored in twin science, secret language, and mythology.” That’s what they tell you in the album description.

Fourteen albums in, and you haven’t heard His Name Is Alive quite like this before. HNIA has always been hooky, but this time it’s progged out, psychedelic, and very, very riff-tacular. Wishing Ring (off Ft. Lake) with its fuzz guitar and wah solos is the closest they’ve come to rocking this hard on an official release, while Summer Left Your Heart Behind (AKA Get Your Curse, Detrola) and Can’t Always Be Loved (Ft. Lake) offered up-tempo, poppier anthems.

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